Be a Pleasant Pest in Hollywood!

Every single actor is an extremely courageous soul. I have no doubt about making this statement! Actors are strong, resilient and fearless people. Even in the face of the great hardships and uncertainty that can accompany this career path, there is a sense of determination that actors possess that is extraordinarily inspirational.

There are times, however, when even the most courageous men and women need a little bit of help, especially when times are tough. Being courageous sometimes means taking a step back and being totally honest with ourselves. This can include putting our pride on the “back burner,” and admitting to ourselves and to others that we need some assistance in certain areas of our careers and our lives.

It is absolutely true that we actors do not need to rely on anyone (except ourselves) to get us to where we want to be in our careers. But there is a difference between relying on others in the entertainment industry, and asking for assistance/help from another person in the business. It’s difficult to do everything all at once and all alone. There are lots of people who are willing to help out when times are tough! Don’t be afraid to ask for some help.

Asking for Help the “Right” Way

In Part 1 of “Being a Pleasant Pest” in Hollywood, I wrote about channeling your courageousness and bravery to gain the attention of Hollywood and entertainment industry professionals. The way to go about doing this is to be persistent in showing your talents and contacting people in the business – without being rude.

This same principle of making yourself and your talents known to others applies when asking for help from people in the entertainment industry. If you are genuine in asking for help and/or guidance, it will always be beneficial to you. Our business is very tough – and that’s the reality. However, what is also a reality is the community of good people in our industry (which was evident at the Daytime Emmy’s this year!). You must remember that there are many people right here – in our business – who can help you keep moving forward!

Ask for a Solution to the Problem

If you find yourself currently struggling with something (which many actors do), the most important thing to admit to yourself is that there is a problem. Identify what the problem is, so that you’re able to get back on track. There are lots of issues that can arise when we’re feeling low, such as substance abuse, depression, and anxiety, just to name a few.

For example, are you struggling financially or trying to find a job? Money is a big factor to consider in this business, and financial difficulties can lead to lots of anxiety. Sometimes you may require advice and assistance. If you’re in need of a job, you mustn’t be afraid of asking for advice on how to obtain one. I have found that actors do not always vocalize when they need help, especially when they are in need of work. You have nothing to lose by asking a trusted friend or colleague for some guidance (or even flat-out asking for a job!).

For example, a little while back I felt that I needed a bit of advice about the reasons why I was not going out on many auditions. I was doing everything I could to obtain auditions, and I was feeling frustrated that things were just not working out in my favor. I chose to contact a casting director whom I trust and I asked for advice on what I should do. I made it a point to let the casting director know that I was not working at the time, but that I was very eager to work. Rather than worrying about “what the casting director would think” about me or my career – since I was not currently working as an actor (which can be a tough pill to swallow) – I realized that I needed to ask for the help, rather than doing nothing.

As it turned out, it was a great decision, as I received a kind reply with advice which helped enlighten me and helped to push me through that rough period of time.

If You’re Genuine, It Will Show

If you are genuine when asking for help or seeking guidance from industry professionals, there’s never a need to worry about “annoying” anyone. Being a “pleasant pest” – when making yourself known to others and when asking for help/guidance from others – will further your career! Always share kindness, and be yourself. Remember, it’s about who knows YOU in Hollywood!

Written by Jesse Daley
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