Uncle Phil’s Top Ten moments – A tribute to James Avery

2014 got off to a sad start for the 90’s kid in all of us, with the news that James Avery, best known for playing Phillip Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, had died following complications during surgery. He was 68 years old.

Here are The Galleon’s top ten Uncle Phil moments. On behalf of 80’s and 90’s kids here in Portsmouth and across the country: Uncle Phil, we salute you.

1. Pool Party

When Will and Carlton hold a secret pool party, Uncle Phil decides to teach the boys a lesson by suing them for the cost of their rent; but Will, Carlton and Uncle Phil all have different versions of events. Take a look at Will’s version here. (watch above)

2. Will Gets Caught

Despite Will’s best efforts, Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil out smart him and catch him sneaking in to the house. One of our favourites!

3. Pool Hall Hustle

When Will gets in trouble with a hustler, Uncle Phil comes in to save the day. In betting the hustler £100 each time a ball is potted at the pool hall, he surprises everyone with his expert pool skills.

4. “I Know You Wanna Leave Me”

Uncle Phil takes time out from being mad at Will to join him in a spot of dancing. We defy anyone to watch this without a huge grin on their face.

5. ‘Twas The Night Before Christening

One of The Fresh Prince’s more heart-warming episodes; Uncle Phil tells Little Nicky about the time that Will hatched a crazy scheme to get Boyz II Men to sing at his christening.

6. “I’m a judge; I can make it happen…”

He went mad at Will and Carlton almost weekly, but this is one of the most memorable, showing why you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Uncle Phil.

7. Will’s Dad

In this tear jerking episode, Will’s Dad lets him down yet again and Uncle Phil steps in to pick up the pieces; a top example of why this guy is one of the best television dads of all time.

8. Will Grounds Uncle Phil

Uncle Phil kicks ass in a confrontation with the parents of Ashley’s bully, giving Will no choice but to ground him!

9. Vote Philip Banks

Will’s best friend Jazz was often leaving the house face first, but this time Will sees the end of his Uncle’s boot when his home made campaign video has a less than desired effect.

10. “Tonto, Jump On It…”

We’re finishing off with a clip not from Uncle Phil, but James Avery himself. This clip of the entire Fresh Prince cast dancing to The Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Apache’ at a pre-show gathering encapsulates everything we love about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. James Avery, you will always remain a legend. Rest In Peace.