Industry Master Class Seminar

Held by Professionals & Agents

Project Description

Our Actors Clinic master class will be delivered by established actors, directors, casting professionals and agents currently working within the industry. Imparting their valuable experience, and sharing tools of the trade, and best practice with you. To help you get a foot hold in the industry we feel it is important for actors to get an understanding of what is required to maintain a career and booking jobs from those that know it best.

The Industry Master classes are designed to excite your passion. It is a unique opportunity for actors and non-actors to enjoy an inspiring day, connecting with other actors and Industry experts. The Q&A session will give you full access to industry professionals. We want every master class to be a transformational experience for all involved, giving you the confidence to take charge and take those steps towards pursuing your dreams.

  • Strengthen your Stage Presence
  • Excite your passion
  • Promote Mental Agility and Stamina
  • Improvisation
  • Audition Technique
  • Voice and Vocal Projection Techniques
  • Movement and Body Awareness
  • Fun Drama Games
  • Public Speaking Presentation

£80 Coming Soon

Actors head shots from only £180

A fantastic headshot is one of the most important selling tools an actor can have!

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