Profile of Reggie Offeh

Reggie, after 15 + years in Management for companies such as Sega, Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone, he took a leap of faith in 2010 and decided to follow his dream of becoming an actor. He has been acting for 3 years now and is developing a reputation for hard-hitting and gritty performances. In addition to his growing credits he has worked on campaigns for Vodafone, Gillette, Top Gear, The FA.

In a short time frame he has been involved in projects with the independent production companies. In 2012 he got his first major role in the feature length British comedy “Krish and Lee” scheduled for release in 2015. Reggie is currently finishing off promotional projects and is lined up for forthcoming filming projects in 2015.

Connect With Reggie Offeh

Reggie Offeh

Founder & Events Coordinator

Co-ordinator of Actors Clinic events and workshops in addition to managing all social media.

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